Placing Orders

In how much time in advance should I place an order?

To guarantee the party rental items, you should place an order at least 2 weeksbefore the date of the event                                                                           

Do I need to sign a contract to place an order?

Our contracts are done through email or by phone, you do not need to sign the contract. To place an order, you just need to agree to the terms and conditions.                                                                      

Do I need to make a payment to place an order?

At the time of placing the order, you need to pay 50% of the total.

The other half can be paid the day before or of the delivery.

If you are paying with a credit card, the full payment has to be done the day before the delivery.

If the order is last minute (2 days prior to the event/delivery), you will need to pay the total amount.



What types of payments do you accept?

On the day of the event, you can make the payment with cash or a credit card. We accept three major credit cards: Dicover, Visa, and Mastercard. If you wish to pay with a personal check the check must be delivered at least one month before the date of the event. Deposits must be made with a Debit or Credit Card

When is the payment due?

The payment is due on or before the delivery date, deposit with credit card is required.

Insufficient Funds

If paying with a check and the check has insufficient funds, there is a $25 fee that will be applied to the total. 


Cancellations done 24 hours prior to the scheduled delivery date are subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

Orders cancelled 72 hours prior to the delivery date are subject to a 25% cancellation fee. 

If an order is cancelled 1 week before the scheduled delivery date, there is no cancellation fee applied



 When will delivery be?

The delivery can either be done the day before or the day of the event. We leave that  decision in your hands.

Normal Delivery Hours: 9:ooam - 5:00pm

We can deliver outside of the normal hours for an additional fee. 


 When will pick up be?

The pick-up is usually done the day after the event.. However, we can pick-up the items the same day of the event.

Normal Pick-Up Hours:

9 AM- 5 PM

We can pick up items outisde of the normal hours for an additional fee.


 Do you setup the items?

We do not set-up any of the items except for the canopy, dance floor, and platform/stage. We can do the set up if requested for an additional charge.


Rental Equipment

Upon acceptance of rental equipment customer agrees to all of the following statements:

All rental equipment is clean and in good condition prior to delivery/will call.

The security of all equipment is my responsibility.

Equipment must be protected from disappearance, weather related damage, or any other form of damage while in my possession. If any equipment disappears or is damaged, I am responsible for the replacement costs.

Equipment Return  

Rental equipment must be returned on the return date stated on the invoice or the day after the delivery/will call.

If the items are not returned on or before the specified return date or the day after the delivery/will call, I will becharged the total of the rental once again.

If the items are not returned within 3 days after the specified return date or the day after the delivery/will call, I will be charged the total cost for the items.



The stated balance is due in full on the day of the delivery/will call.

A deposit with a Credit or Debit card must be made upon order. 

The payment must be made either through credit card (Mastercard, Discover or Visa) or Cash. Any other payment method must be discussed prior to the delivery.